Tuesday, 1 July 2008


There must be squirrels in the world with better grasp of male anatomy than me... why are muscles the bane if my life? Muscle physiology lectures never made much sense and I can't draw men.

No time like the present to practice though right?


trumanator500 said...

Although your talent exceeds mine by far, I can recommend some good books for you to learn muscular anatomy for men if you desire =p

Anatomy for the Artist - Jeno Barcsay
Anatomy for the Artist - Sarah Simblet
Burne Hogarth Series

Let me know what you think of them!

I was just wondering where did you learn what you know?? (books, website, etc?)


PS - I'd be flattered if you'd check out my dA page: http://trumanator500.deviantart.com but no obligations or strings ;p

Lissa said...

Lol ... I know the feeling. My males always looked so female-ish. Or just fat..